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Welcome Crypto Enthusiast!

I'm Crypto Negro...

My Journey with Bitcoin started in 2011 when the price of Bitcoin was Below $5...

That was only 9 year ago...

Fast forward to today and the price is a lot higher and Bitcoin has made early adopters millionaires for simply holding and using Bitcoin. You might think the price is too expensive to own just one Bitcoin today but that's further from the truth.

Bitcoin is divisible, meaning you can buy a small fraction over time and possibly own 1 full Bitcoin. There will only be 21,000,000 Bitcoin ever created and it's not enough to go around for the entire world to own just one Bitcoin. It's still "cheap" enough to own one but time is quickly running out.

I'm here to show-and-tell you how the price is just starting to leave the launch pad on a path to astronomical prices. Granted, I'm not a financial advisor nor am I giving you financial advise. I'm here to give you thousands of hours of researched information I've learned over the years of being involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

You might have landed here because the price of Bitcoin has gone up tremendously and the buzz is growing about one of the safest and best places to park your money in times of uncertainty, right?

It's True...

Bitcoin is making early adopters millionaires and leaving non buyers with awkward stares. This happens every year and the price sky rockets higher and higher with no limit in sight.

The dinosaurs of the investor world who invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, physical gold and silver are now joining the largest transfer of wealth in human history. You're here during the early stages of Bitcoin.


It's a good things the media won't tell you about the incredible gains people are making by getting involved in Bitcoin's new financial technology. They much rather see the people fight and divided with constant negative energy to keep control over the conversation. This is not a political statement it's just facts. Bitcoin is a financial technology created by the people for the people.

The current system of made up money printing out of thin air for the rich is over. Families are starving and decent jobs that pay well enough to support a family are becoming hard to find. The system is broken and it was a flawed system from the start of leaving the gold standard. Currently the global market is under a fiat system that is currently about to see a huge revamp.

If I compared Bitcoins development stage with the Internet, the year currently would be the year 2000. We knew that the internet was here to stay but the technology was just starting to reach it's true potential.

We were happy to play a few computer games and checking email was still fun back then. High speed internet was just getting popular as dial-up and AOL was the the most common way to access the internet in most homes still. Currently it's the year 2020 and I can watch a high definition live stream video of the Space X launch on my cell phone. How far we've come in just 20 years.

How much do you think Bitcoin will be worth in 20 years if it already survived the worst 12 years in modern day history?

The Price Of Bitcoin Could Possibly Sky-
Rocket To The Moon For The Next Few
Years And YOU Get A Chance To Buy
Early While The Price Is Still Affordable
To Own 1 Bitcoin.

I get it, understanding and buying Bitcoin might take a small learning curve that involves learning what money really is and how we give it value in a digital world...

If it all sounds foreign to you that's ok. Anything new will take some time to fully understand. If a college drop out millennial like myself can save and make some serious cash in Bitcoin, you can do it too...

And it's not too late....

I'm here to speed things up for you and make sure you don't fall victim to the many scams that are out there. I want to bridge the gap for you in understanding Bitcoin today.

Remove all of your fears and doubts of money disappearing in thin air. Bitcoin is one of the safest financial assets you can buy without any third party permission or contract.

Scams are everywhere....

The majority of scams and even violent crimes are behind the all mighty dollar which looses value every year. That's why everything around you is more expensive than it was just a few years ago.

Gone are the days of the banking system having complete control over your finances. The people are waking up to the fact that the world doesn't need a corrupt government system to define what money is and what people can trade in.

Sometimes the uncertainty and fluctuation in price from day to day might scare a few beginners in the crypto space. This is a normal reaction to be a little fearful or uncertain about something that’s new with price swings of a few thousand dollars. The price swings are enormous sometimes if you constantly look at it everyday. I'm going to show you how to use this in your favor without being a fancy pants day trader or a guru investor with a lot of money.

Nobody wants to see their hard earn money disappear.

Granted their is a small risk involved anytime money is involved but you're not going to fall for these scams. You will soon have the know how to bypass those scams and tricks online to get your cash and Bitcoin.

With anything new there's a little uncertainty and risk involved. Many new comers to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are sometimes fearful of their accounts getting hacked. That's where Bitcoin has thrived as being the most unhackable financial system to date.

Once you learn the genius and life changing implications Bitcoin has for the unbanked and forgotten people of the world, everybody wins. Those who buy Bitcoin now and hold for years will reap the biggest benefits. And those who learn Bitcoin completely will change their life and the next generation.

Bitcoin is 12 years old now and she's just now starting to reach toddler stage. Not understanding and giving up on one of the greatest financial technologies of mankind will be the biggest mistake of your life if you pass this information up.

Bitcoin Has Outperformed Just About
Every market In 2020 And Currently On
Track Of Being One Of The Best Assets
You Could Buy For The Next 20 Years....

Don't make the mistake in thinking that Bitcoin is too expensive. Bitcoin is divisible and you can buy low amounts of Bitcoin overtime to achieve your goals. You could buy $1 in Bitcoin every week until you are fully convinced how great Bitcoin really is.

I have friends that are heavily involved in the financial world and know of very smart people in the microchip industry that have also made the grave mistake in NOT learning about Bitcoin when I did and still think its a strange topic till this day.

They still say things like, "It's Not Tangible and I Can't Hold It To Use It" and my response to them is nobody owns the internet and you can't physically hold. Yet it's one of mankinds best inventions of today's modern world.

Without the Internet your cell phone would simply make phone calls and calculate some simple math.... A regular digital phone. With the power of the internet your phone is a multi functional device that accesses the power of the internet at any given time or place. Your phone has impacted so many different industries with the integration of high speed internet and allowing other technologies to be built around it.

We are still in the "dial up" days of Bitcoin....

Don't Let The Lamestream Media Tell
You About Bitcoin When They Told
You It Was Only For Criminal Activity...

You will hear people speak negative sometimes about the scams they heard from their sisters-cousins-girlfriend-daughter that lives down the street and was watching the late night news. Don't let the news or anyone else scare you into not getting involved into cryptocurrency.

They don't want to see you succeed in buying Bitcoin early. The talking heads on the TV won't tell you the truth and will profit off of you being late to the Bitcoin party. I will show you exactly how they do this inside the report.

The Lack Of GOOD Bitcoin Information Is
Scarce And You Were Lucky Enough To
Find The All-In-One Solution Right Here

Just like stocks and anything else that has a price the cost will always go up and down overtime. Don't let the price fluctuations scare you. You must look past the day to day price action and look towards the longterm goal. Don't ever think that Bitcoin is too new for you to understand.

Not having much information and the lack of understanding is a big hurdle, I understand. Try to become obsessed with this information and once you fully understand the power of Bitcoin then make your decision if you want to put a little money in Bitcoin and other crypto's or not. I can bet that in 9 years you will want to kick yourself for not jumping on this opportunity sooner.

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